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Cotton Multi Shade Yoga Rug

Cotton Multi Shade Yoga Rug

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If you are looking for an green way to practice yoga, consider the eco-conscious Cotton Multi Shade Yoga Rug. Yoga rugs are perfect for outdoor yoga practice or can provide a non-slip surface atop a regular yoga mat. They are like tightly woven yoga blankets cut to the exact size of a yoga mat! The rug will absorb your perspiration and help you maintain your poses without slipping. We recommend spritzing your yoga rug with water before using — this will help your hands and feet stick to the textured cotton surface.

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Customer Reviews

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Cotton multi shade yoga rug

This is my first order, and I have to say that I'm very pleased. The rug is very soft. I'm planning to order more yoga items. Thank you.


Very pleased with quality, price, and quick arrival.

Beautiful product

I decided to buy this rug for a variety of reasons. I was very pleased when I received it due to the quality. I have discovered when I use it in the studio my feet slide and this makes it difficult to hold poses. I've also had the colors bleed onto my skin even after washing (colors bled when washed). This isn't much of an issue to me but may be to others. I'm eager to use it for my outdoor yoga practice. Overall I'd buy another one.

Great Rug!

Awesome rug! Came very fast, enhanced my yoga experience. Also good for sex.