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Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver Set

Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver Set

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Have you ever noticed people using folded towels under their hands in yoga classes? An ergonomic, contoured grip can make all the difference in the world while attempting strenuous upper body weight bearing exercises. The Original Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver is doctor-approved to help fragile and sensitive wrists re-distribute weight, taking the strain off of the palms. You will also find these pads useful under the knees or legs in seated positions. Lightweight and easy to use, one sets includes on pair (two pads).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

These are helpful and comfortable to use. I got them because my wrists and thumbs hurt during and after asanas where weight is on the hands. Truthfully, I find them better for the knees.

Marcie Loffredo
Yoga Teacher

I bought them for one of my Yoga students. But found that her hands are really small so they didn't work for her. I like them! Even though I teach and practice Yoga (over 13 years now), sometimes I like to stay in downdog for longer periods of time in order to stretch more. helps my wrists! Great product!

Bette Batchelor
Re: Stick e knee and wrist saver set

I did not find this product at all helpful. I puchased it because of a sore knee I wanted some padding, which this is not. I will have to find something else I guess. Can I still return it?

Not for me

I was hoping they would ease discomfort at the base of my thumbs.....didn't work. My Yoga Jellies seem to work just a bit better. Would someone please invent a yoga aid for folks with arthritic hands and thumbs. I must put my weight on the heel of my hand, at the wrist. However, product is we!l made, etc.

Barbara Pauer
Yoga student

I have knee replacements, and these knee savers take the pressure off my knees. I love them.