Fall is here! The shift in seasons brings on new beginnings, welcomes meaningful endings, and offers a plethora of opportunities for change. Here, we share hearty recipes and yoga poses the whole family can enjoy!


There are five major poses you can do with little ones to get them excited for the fall season. You can also do these poses by yourself, to feed the child at heart!

Tree Pose

The first pose is tree pose. Get into a normal tree pose, with your hands outstretched and one foot up against the opposite thigh. Slowly swing side to side, very gently moving your body. This will represent the trees blowing in the wind!

Child's Pose

Next, get nestled up in child's pose. Instead of having your arms outstretched, bring them behind your back and hold them there. This will make you look like a pumpkin!

Corpse Pose

Then, move on to corpse pose. This one is pretty self explanatory as to how it can relate to fall, but it can be used for some spooky fun!

Upward Hand Pose

After corpse pose, go into upward hand pose. Stay as still as you possibly can. This will make you look like a scarecrow!


Lastly, finish off with natarajasana. This represents balance. Take a few deep breaths here, and take in all the change happening around you.

Health Food

Health food is another great way to connect your body with the season. Your body is a temple, and should be treated as such. The more good things you put into it, the more good things you will get out of it. For fall, we are including some delicious warmer recipes to get your body ready for the cold.


For our vegetarian dish, we found a delicate butternut squash ravioli. You can find the recipe here. Making your own pasta is challenging, but the rewards are endless when it comes to this dish! This recipe has all the butternut squash cheesy goodness you could ever wish for.


For our vegan dish, we have found a pumpkin chili recipe. This is not only one of the healthiest recipes we’ve seen, but also one of the tastiest. You can find the recipe here. If you’re a fan of spice, kick it up with adding a little extra chili powder or some chili flakes.


For our main entree dish, we chose harvest chicken casserole. This has everything in that is required for a good fall meal including sweet potatoes, wild rice, cranberries, brussel sprouts, and more! You can find the recipe here. If you are not a brussel sprouts fan, feel free to substitute those with some butternut squash and your casserole will be just as good if not better!


For dessert, we have found a recipe for gluten free pumpkin bars! Pumpkin is a major flavor during the fall season, as well as cinnamon, apples, and cream cheese (which are all included in this amazing recipe). You can find the recipe here. Don’t forget to be drinking some nice warm hot chocolate while eating these before bed!

Grab a loved one or take some time to yourself to practice some fall yoga poses, make some fall recipes, and to reflect on how your life is going in this new season. Hopefully all of these can help you and your loved ones to get in the groove of fall. Stay warm, stay safe, and stay spooky!

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