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Selling YOGAaccessories brand products on Amazon
By completing a purchase for YB products from YOGAaccessories, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

In order to maintain the quality of customer service, inventory levels and item selection for our customers, only Authorized YOGAaccessories Amazon Resellers (AZR) have the right to sell YOGAaccessories Brand (YB) products on Amazon, and have been granted permission to link to our Amazon page, and use our UPC codes for selling on Amazon. YOGAaccessories is the sole and exclusive agency for approving an AZR and granting the rights to sell YB products on Amazon. Purchasing from YOGAaccessories does not automatically grant to the purchaser or anyone else AZR status. YOGAaccessories at its sole discretion may choose to grant AZR status, and may unreasonably withhold AZR status from a purchaser of YB products. AZR status is granted explicitly in writing by YOGAaccessories only. AZR status is explicitly limited to those who are currently in the program. YOGAaccessories is not granting AZR status at this time.

The wholesale price extended to you when you completed your wholesale order for YB products from YOGAaccessories includes a discount for Market Development Funds (MDF) that you should use to build your own proprietary sales channel for the YB products you purchase from us.

You may not sell YB products on Amazon as a non-AZR. As a Non-AZR, if the YB products you purchase become available for sale or are sold on Amazon, or any Amazon affiliated site, by you or anyone else that is not an AZR, you hereby agree to pay, on demand, to YOGAaccessories, the MDF which is the sum equivalent to the entire wholesale discount applied at the time of the purchase of the YB products; and you hereby also agree to pay, on demand, to YOGAaccessories, an additional reseller authorization fee of $10,000.

As a non-AZR you may sell YB products you purchase from us on Amazon without the repayment of MDF as described above if you remove all YOGAaccessories identifying markings from the product and product listing pages, including but not limited to YOGAaccessories UPC labels and codes.

You also agree that you will be responsible for any and all legal fees YOGAaccessories incurs as a result of such sales on Amazon, and the collection of any such fees.
We do not offer medical opinions on the use of yoga, pilates or any exercise program. As with any exercise product or program, consult your physician prior to use of the products offered here. These products should not be used by children. Use by pregnant women should be under the direct control of a physician.

The purchaser bears full responsibility for ensuring that the products are properly maintained. Mats and rugs may become wet during exercise or washing. Avoid use of wet rugs and mats, as they may become slippery. The anti-burst balls may be ruptured if they are used improperly or are poorly maintained.

YOGAaccessories.com, its owners and representatives disclaim any warranties and liability for injury caused by use of the products sold herein. By purchasing products from this website, you acknowledge receiving the warnings and limitations of liability herein.