With cold and flu season upon us you may be experiencing sinus congestion like many others around this time. When you have a cold or are experiencing allergy issues the membranes lining your nasal passages become inflamed and irritated. They begin to create more mucus attempting to correct the issue which can lead to stuffy nose, pain above/under your eye and even headache. Although we try to fight through it the symptoms can really get to you. 

This year do your body well by trying a natural remedy for your symptoms rather than constantly taking medicine without any real relief. Yoga is a practice that you can always turn to for support with this and while it doesn’t cure your cold or allergy issues, it will certainly provide relief from the symptoms you experience leaving you room to continue to live your best life. 

Here are 5 most effective yoga poses for clearing nasal congestion:

Adho Mukha Svanasana- Downward Facing Dog

This is an inverted pose that works by bringing the head below the heart. 



  1. Start with a tabletop position in which the wrists are under the shoulders and the knees under the hips.
  2. Tuck your toes and slowly start lifting the hips towards the sky.
  3. Drop the crown of your head and bring your gaze between your thighs or your naval. 
  4. Take slow breaths in and out through the nose (or through the mouth if unable to do so).
  5. Release and repeat a few times. 

Setu Bandhasana- Bridge Pose 

This is a beginning back bend that helps to open the chest and resembles a bridge.




  1. Begin lying with your back on the yoga mat or floor. 
  2. Plant soles of your feet hip width distance, knees pointing towards the sky 
  3. After this, inhale and pull the hips upward to the sky. You can hold your feet with your hands for better balance. 
  4. Try to distribute the weight between the feet and the base of the shoulders. 
  5. Move downward while exhaling slowly. Repeat a few times. 

Bhujangasana- Cobra Pose

This is a heart opening backbend that stretches your entire upper body. 


  1. Start by laying on your belly with your feet hip width apart and hands at your ribs. 
  2. Press the floor with the top of your foot.
  3. Pressing down lightly on your hands, start to lift your head and chest, rolling your shoulders back and down.
  4. Keep the back of your neck long and focus on shifting your sternum rather than lifting the chin.
  5. Straight your arms while keeping your shoulders down away from your ears. Keep a slight bend in the elbow. 
  6. Release and repeat a few times.

Janu Sirsasana- Head to Knee Pose

This is a full forward fold that stretches the hips, body of the back and groins promoting blood flow. 




  1. Start sitting on the floor with the legs stretching in front of you.
  2. Bend your right knee such that the heel comes under your buttocks (the knee should be at a right angle with the stretched leg).
  3. Begin to bring the torso down to the leg such that the bend is from the hips rather than the lower back.
  4. Bend as much as possible by trying to reach the extended foot with your hands or until they reach. 
  5. Inhale while extending the spine and exhale while bending forward. Repeat a few times.

Matsyasana- Fish Pose 

This pose stretches the muscles between the ribs, your belly, the front of the neck and opens the chest. 


  1. Lie on your back and prop your chest up with your forearms.
  2. Lift your chest and drop your head while maintaining your breath.
  3. With neck muscles relaxed, work to lift your heart towards the sky. 
  4. Inhale and exhale deeply opening the chest.
  5. Maintain the position as long as comfortably possible. Repeat a few times. 
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