Learn how to intensify your yoga practice.

Tip 1 - Research all of the different types of yoga to find what fits you best

There are many different types of yoga: vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, and plenty more. Best of all, there are levels to each type to cater to beginners, intermediates, and experts! Make sure you research each type and practice around. You might really like one type of yoga (I love yugala yoga) and dislike another type (power yoga wasn’t really for me), but you won’t learn what you like unless you move past basic yoga classes! Once you figure out your favorite type of yoga, you’ll look forward to practicing yoga more and more each day.

Tip 2 - Comfort is key to a good practice

If you don’t completely love the space where you do your yoga, you won’t be able to get your best practice in. When trying to find the perfect practice space, you can move around furniture, go searching outdoors for an open area, or you can even practice in an unconventional spot like your bed or couch! As long as you feel comfortable, your practice should flow smoothly.

Tip 3 - Plan out your practice before beginning if practicing solo

Make sure to map out your practice before you start. Set aside a certain amount of time and plan out what poses you want to do before starting your practice. If you are listening to an instructor, make sure you are paying attention and try not to lose focus. It is easy to get distracted while practicing alone, especially if you have to share the space you are practicing in.

Tip 4 - Find the perfect teacher for your needs

There are many different yoga teaching styles. Some teachers are hands-on while some visualize from a distance, some are more fast-paced while others take things slower, and some are louder and more lively while other teachers are more calm and like to go with the flow of their practice. Whether you are in an in-person class or taking a class online, a teacher that isn’t fit for you can make your class less enjoyable. You want to make sure you try different teaching styles out and see which one works best for you as a student.

Tip 5 - Have all of your equipment handy before beginning

Have all the props necessary to your practice within arms reach before you start practicing. Nothing is worse than having to stop your flow because you forgot your mat towel in the next room, or because you are thirsty and didn’t fill your water bottle up before starting!

Tip 6 - Decide where you want to practice

If you like doing yoga in a group setting, try calling some fellow yogi’s on a video chat, or meet six feet apart to practice. Or, if you prefer practicing solo, make sure your area is clear of distractions before you begin your practice.

Tip 7 - Plan the perfect playlist

When practicing alone or in a group environment, music is everything! You want to make sure your music matches the mood. Not into music with lyrics while practicing? Try ocean sounds, jungle rain, or any other white noises. The right sound will set the tone perfectly for your practice and for mediation afterwards.

Tip 8 - Don’t forget to breathe! :)

The best advice for yoga AND for life: slow down and breathe. Don’t forget to feel every breath and stay calm to enhance not only your practice, but also your lifestyle!

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