Welcome to Yoga Accessories brand-new Studio Of The Month feature! Each month, we will highlight a unique yoga studio located in the United States. This month: Sacred Space Yoga Center, a faith-based yoga studio in Detroit, Michigan, run by Trina Campbell.

Introduce yourself and your studio a bit.

"My name is Trina Campbell and I own and operate Sacred Space Yoga Center (SSYC). SSYC is in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, and was born to be a yoga center for the community. In 2015 when SSYC opened, there weren't any yoga centers or minority owned yoga studios in the city. It was my objective to bring yoga, particularly a Christian-based yoga studio to people of color. We are a Christian Based yoga studio, giving Christians a space to practice yoga and stay true to their faith."

Studio Owner

What made you get into yoga?

"About 26 years ago, my mother tragically passed away from cancer at a young age. To deal with the grief, I found exercise, which fortunately led me to yoga. Since then, yoga has become an especially important aspect of my life. I am blessed to have found yoga during such a tough time in my life."

What made you want to open up a yoga studio?

"I always knew I would open a yoga studio. I just did not know when. However, circumstances (such as losing my job) pushed me into opening the studio much sooner than I expected. I believe it was a divine intervention. So, after being in corporate America for 30 years, teaching yoga for over 20 years in various venues and a focus shift in 2012 and 2015, I decided, or God decided, that it was time for me to go from a mobile yoga studio (Exalt God Only Yoga – EGO Yoga) to a brick and mortar. This was my opportunity to bridge Christianity and yoga together for a more holistic approach in keeping the body healthy. Thus, Sacred Space Yoga Center was born."

How does Sacred Space Yoga Center differ from other studios in general/other studios in your area?

"We are a Christian based yoga studio serving a community with instructors that mimic the community. I like to consider Sacred Space Yoga Center as a healing and wellness center, not just a yoga studio. SSYC has grown to be my ministry, not because I am a minister, but because I feel this is a calling on my life; to bring healing to my community. Another difference is that my audience has morphed into a unique niche. My clients are basically people of color, with a very wide range of ages, 25-75. However, my median age is 50. SSYC is a safe space for everyone. This includes seniors, Christians, people with disabilities, and people of all body types. We are a very welcoming studio, and we are open to any and everyone! However, the most important difference from SSYC and other studios is the feeling you get when you walk into SSYC. I’ve had people tell me that SSYC has such a peaceful and tranquil feel to it. It really is a Sacred Space!"

How is your studio staying busy during the pandemic?

"We have been serving our community using Zoom from day one. We have classes seven days a week to serve Detroiters, especially our seniors. However, we do much more than just yoga. We offer vision board classes, adult coloring classes, cooking demonstrations, and even an introduction to using essential oils classes. The cooking demonstrations are the most fun. We send an ingredient list to everyone that is going to participate, and during the set time of the class we all get on a video call and cook together. Last class, we made a cabbage chocolate whipped cream cheesecake, and it turned out amazing! Transitioning to online during the pandemic has been surprisingly easy. We have been able to bring our entire schedule online, with added offerings. So yes, bring on the fall season! While we have been given the green light to open, and we will on October 17th, (exactly seven months from closing due to covid19) our entire fall schedule is set to happen online."

Describe Sacred Space Yoga Center in one word, and why that word?

"Authentically different. I know that is two words, but that is the only way I can describe this studio perfectly. We are different by choice. I know how yoga helped me through my losses. I want my community to know that yoga can heal, and I want to be able to spread its healing powers on to others. Sacred Space Yoga Center (SSYC) aspires to be an extension of God’s love by unselfishly serving, encouraging and positively impacting lives. We endeavor to assist all in finding and maintaining their personal space of physical, mental, and spiritual healing."

Any advice to entrepreneurs looking to open up their own studios?

"Don't! Haha, just kidding. First, make sure you have a niche. You cannot serve everyone, so decide who you are meant to serve and then decide how you want your studio to be portrayed and do it up! Second, investigate going into business with someone else. This may help with the workload. Third, do not concentrate solely on yoga. Merge other holistic modalities that interest you to help assure you flourish. Personally, I have been able to merge my love for massage therapy, reflexology, and essentials oils into SSYC. My clients have been able to benefit from me adding these modalities to SSYC."

What would you like future potential members of Sacred Space Yoga Center to know about your studio?

"That they don't have to fear coming into my studio. Whether you are overweight, a person with disabilities, a minority, or any other kind of person, you can come see me. God is for everyone, he is not for the rich or the poor, he is for everyone. This is a studio of healing and non-intimidation, and we are a very loving and accepting community. If you are breathing, you can come into my studio!"

Sacred Space Yoga Studio

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