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10' Cotton Yoga Strap without Buckle

10' Cotton Yoga Strap without Buckle

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Keep it simple and leave the cumbersome buckle out of your practice with our extra-long 10 Foot Cotton Yoga Strap (without a buckle). A plastic buckle can break; a D ring can bend — and they both complicate your yoga practice when you have to stop everything to make adjustments and distract everyone when it crash lands on the hardwood studio floor. With our buckle-free yoga belt, you need not mess around with an unattractive attachment, you just grab and go! Our 10 foot strap is perfect for tall yogis and yoginis or for anyone who simply prefers a little extra length. Textured cotton material won’t slip or slide off moist limbs, hands, or feet. Our yoga straps are a perfect 1.5 inches wide — they won’t cut off circulation and are easy to grab and hold. Yoga straps, especially longer ones, are perfect for our yogi newbies to achieve difficult poses. They actually eventually help you achieve the full pose without a strap by improving flexibility and the correct alignment.

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