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1/4'' Extra Wide & Long Deluxe Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

1/4'' Extra Wide & Long Deluxe Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

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Product Features

  • Full 7 feet long x 3 feet wide
  • Extra thick: 1/4 inch
  • Latex-free, Phthalate-free dyes and inks

Just because you may be a little bit larger than most people or prefer a roomier mat doesn't mean you have to conform to a standard sized mat! Our extra long, extra wide mat is super thick, seven feet long, and a full three feet wide, allowing for extra personal space and added hygienic protection against a gym or yoga studio floor. If you're over six feet tall, this 7-foot long mat gives you the distance you need to extend comfortably in poses like reclining pigeon. And if you have wide shoulders, the 3-foot width gives you plenty of side to side room for wide-legged forward bend. Our Extra Wide/Extra Long Deluxe Yoga Mat mat boasts a textured latex-free surface for maximum stability and is a full 1/4 inch thick, making it one of the thickest and densest sticky mats available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Great for portable fish house

These mats are great for my portable pop-up fish house floor. They help keep the hut warmer and reduce the ice melt where the heater sits. They are nice and light and roll up and take up less space than my old mats. A fishing friend told me about them. I bought a 2' and 3' wide, 84 inches long.


Mat is excessively slippery and foam not as dense as I would like. Size is wonderful though.

D Brown
Yoga Mat

Love my new extra wide, extra long mat. All yoga mats should be these dimensions. (At least the ones you keep at home) Don't have to worry about overhang and not finding your grip.

Excellent Mat!

Premium mat at a bargain price. Can be a little slick during heavy sweating practices but otherwise no complaints. Perfect size for a 6 foot 3 inch guy - appreciate the extra length and width. Highly recommended

Amber Casey

Love the product and its a great size