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36'' Extra Wide Yoga Mat Roll - 103 Feet by YOGA Accessories

36'' Extra Wide Yoga Mat Roll - 103 Feet by YOGA Accessories

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Get the largest, widest, and thickest yoga mat roll on the market and save money by cutting your own yoga mats. This mat roll yields luxuriously wide and thick yoga mats -- a real treat your students will notice and appreciate -- as low as $11.10 per mat (or $9 when you buy in bulk). Our Extra Wide Yoga Mat Rolls are the most economical way to furnish any studio, school, or gym. This roll is 36'' wide vs. the industry standard mat at 24'' wide. Plus, it will comfort and protect your joints at a full quarter inch thick -- two times thicker than standard yoga mats! This means you get 50% more mat! Don't forget to add a rotary mat cutter to your purchase -- the ideal mat cutting tool!

Please note that this yoga mat roll can only be shipped by truck on a pallet. Contact our sales staff to get an LTL quote.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I love this yoga matting in the roll. I have old dogs and am afraid one of them will break a hip on my slick tile. They absolutely love it as much as I do. Buying it in the roll you can cut it to the perfect size. And it looks nice too.


Exactly as expected. Easy and clean.

Carolyn Blake
nice weight to this mat

I ordered this roll so that I could cut mats 10 feet long. I needed a mat with good weight to it that would lie flat and could be professionally printed onto. It works great for this purpose and I know I will be ordering more in the future. The only set back is the very high shipping costs, but with it weighing 80 lbs,, I am not shocked. Would love to find this locally!

Sue Moninger
Fiscal Manager

We conduct Yoga on a tile floor. We purchased these roles to give the clients a more Comfortable practice. since they were 36'' wide we cut them 65'' long. Now they have a mat for their mat. They have room for their blocks, balls, towel and water bottle. We are so pleased with the quality of this product