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3/8'' Pilates Aero Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

3/8'' Pilates Aero Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

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Product Features

  • Smooth, latex-free foam
  • Velcro straps attached to the mat
  • 72" x 24" x 3/8"
  • Phthalate-free

The 3/8'' Pilates Aero Yoga Mat is extremely thick and made of soft supportive foam with a smooth surface. At 9.5 mm thick, this Pilates mat is thicker than most of the thickest yoga mats! Non branded so we can keep our prices low, the Yoga Accessories' Aero Mat is available wholesale in large quantities. This mat is perfect for boot camp, Pilates, or standard floor exercises like push ups and crunches. It’s thick enough to provide comfort during your tough workouts, but firm enough to provide a stable platform. When you’re ready to pack up, this Pilates Aero Yoga Mat is self-contained with two built-in Velcro straps. The Aero mat measures 72'' x 24'' x 3/8'' and is completely latex free.

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