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5'' Big Foam Yoga Block

5'' Big Foam Yoga Block

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Product Features

  • Oversized Yoga Block
  • 5" x 6" x 12"
  • Beveled edges
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Provides support for a variety of yoga postures

Our 5'' Big Foam Yoga Block has been super-sized just for you! A whopping 12'' tall by 6'' wide and 5'' thick, this foam block is oversized, but made from the same light-weight, dense foam as our traditional foam yoga blocks. You'll appreciate that our foam yoga blocks are made from a sturdy, scratch resistant foam. Each block has beveled edges for added comfort. These blocks are strong and durable, and yet incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Blocks are ideal for beginners who need support in postures like side angle pose, or for the more advanced yogi going for a twisted half moon balance. Foam blocks provide the support and/or height needed to practice yoga safely and effectively. This oversized yoga block measures 5'' X 6-3/4'' X 12''.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
bigger but...

I bought these blocks to help a 6'5'' student with forward bends. They work well for him, and in many different poses. My only disappointment is that it looks like the block is really 2 pieces fused together, with one piece 4'' deep and one piece 1'' deep. It doesn't seem to bother the integrity of the block, but it looks cheap to me. I would prefer to have the seam (and I get that there needs to be one to make a block this size) in the middle.

Yoga Instructor

These blocks are great to use for all poses but especially Trikonasana. I think these should be the standard size for all classes.

Large block

Very helpful for people with very tight hamstring muscles when doing forward bends. Also useful for sitting poses.

Very satisfied

Ordered 5 ' foam block And Wood block. Fats delivery, good quality. Ordered Shenzhen BOGO , unbeatable price. Wood block, as i expected according to price is not filed with Wood, so very light. But beautifull And strong. Will order again. and#128076;and#127996;

Don Miller
Yoga student

The large blocks are hard to locate Yoga Accessories is the only place that I found that sells them. It's exactly what I wanted and good quality, I plan to order another.