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6' Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

6' Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

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Our 100% Cotton 6-Foot Cinch Buckle Yoga Strap is an essential and affordable yoga prop for any home or studio practice. Straps improve alignment and flexibility! This standard size strap isn't too long - so it won't get tangled up, and it is easy to handle. The plastic cinch buckle is our most popular option because it won't slip and is easy to adjust with one hand and while holding poses. Yoga Accessories' yoga straps are a sturdy 1.5 inches wide, which allows for proper circulation yet isn't too thick to comfortably hold in your hand. It's made from durable and long-lasting 100% cotton.

Looking to brand a strap? This generic yoga strap is available in custom printing! How cool is that? You can slap your name, studio logo, or studio name right on your strap! This will certainly help your straps from getting mixed up. Plus, we think it will make you look pretty official.

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