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6' Square Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

6' Square Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

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Product Features

  • Extra thick at ¼ inch and comfortable
  • Multiple color options with Phthalate-free dyes and inks
  • Six foot size allows a larger perimeter between practitioners in a group setting
  • A spotlight for instruction; Great for Mommy and Me Yoga

The Yoga Accessories six foot square yoga mat gives you tremendous freedom on the mat so you can transition from forward facing heart openers right into a wide legged forward bend without a second thought. We love this mat for home use, especially if you practice with a DVD. A square mat is also a winner for yoga teachers who often need to demonstrate a pose from more than one angle. Use this square mat for partner yoga, mommy and me yoga classes or outside where you don't want to spill over the edge of your yoga mat. Multiple mats in a group workout setting can be used to help maintain proper social distancing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
great affordable large mat

I just got this so can't speak to durability, but otherwise it seems great for the price. I found it to be a true square (I actually measured and it's only off by about 1/2 an inch in one direction), and it's quite grippy straight out of the box. There is definitely some odor, but no more so than with other yoga mats I've tried, and I'm hoping it will dissipate quickly. It is on the thin side, so I might sometimes put my standard size mat on top for a little extra padding and insulation from the cold floor, but not a big deal. I'm keeping it in my living room in lieu of an area rug, and I love that I (and my two cats) can do some impromptu yoga or stretching any time without having to get a mat out, and there's enough space for all of us.

Alli Goozh

I bought the orange oversized square mats as our studio was allowed to re-open after state-mandated closures last year. The color is fantastic - vibrant and happy. The edges aren't totally straight, doesn't look like a clean cut, but it isn't noticeable to clients unless they were to actually look for it. Overall, my clients feel comfortable knowing the mats are easily sanitized before and after each class, and they are great for blocking physical space between clients to stay in compliance with recommended safety protocols. I will be ordering more and plan to use these mats in the studio from this point forward - easy to clean, great for blocking space, and a really fun color!

Pilates Edmonds
Great Mat

I bought this mat for dedicated space in our pilates studio for mat and roller work. We put a sticky mat for carpets under it as it slid around on the hardwood. We got the olive and it's the perfect color goes well with our decor. We already have the sin gle mats mats by this company and they have worn well. This looks to be the same quality.

Merry Beth

Although this mat is heavier than a small mat to move, look at the size! I keep it at home, always ready and welcoming me to practise. More cushioning than I expected, and whether I'm doing poses or meditating, I'm so happy that I chose to purchase this mat. I would recommend it for a dedicated studio space, where it doesn't need to be moved and transported a lot. Great quality! and#128522;

safely holds me and my dog

6X6 Mat is good quality, sunned it a few hours outdoors and no residue smell now remains, removed immediately from box and rolled full length so creasing is now gone as well, wiped with water only cleaning cloth which effectively removed standard new mat slickness; Finally a mat that gives me and my dog room for my home indoor and outdoor yoga practice.