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Crescent Eye Pillow by YOGA Accessories

Crescent Eye Pillow by YOGA Accessories

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Quiet your mind and relax your body with a lightly scented Crescent Eye Pillow. This eye pillow is a soft silk (or choose cotton), and comes in several classic colors so you can coordinate with your other yoga accessories. These eye pillows have something special that many suppliers don’t offer…our pillows are filled with organic flax seeds! You'll find the soft shape will contour to your face with gentle pressure while blocking out light. Perfect for deep relaxation and meditation, lavender scented eye pillows are also wonderful for relieving headaches and calming the mind.

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Customer Reviews

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For private use only not by a studio

I own a yoga studio and I use eye pillows in my classes during Savasana. I also use once before washing as eye infections can easily be passed and I have school teachers in class that can pass on pink eye. This is a nice pillow if it is not to be washed. Does not hold up to washing as the pillow cover shrunk and flap curled up. The material is no longer silky feeling but rough. If used as a private pillow I recommend.

Russ Nehrig
Crescent Eye Pillow

I ordered 30 of these to give to the first responders I work with. I think they are pretty nice and a good value, considering the similar Manduka item goes for $32. The difference? Manduka's is a little softer and weights 2 ounces more. I agree with the previous reviewer that the silk cover might feel better on my face than the cotton. A facial tissue between the eye pillow and my skin gives a softer feel.

Silk Cover NOT worth $1.00 more--feels just like the cotton.

I really like the size and shape of these eye pillows. Ordered a blue one in cotton and paid $1.00 more for a purple one in silk, but they feel exactly the SAME. The silk should feel cooler, but it doesn't. (I also ordered a smaller, rectangular one in silk, and it is nice and cool on the face.)

Eye pillows

These are made very well, I would say the cotton covers do not rest well on the face. I wish I had ordered the silk. I may end up making my own cover out of different material. I like that you can add your own scent, and the customer service with this company is very good!


Great Deal. Very well made and comfortable. Washable. You can add your own scent.