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Jade Fusion Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Jade Fusion Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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The Harmony™ Fusion Yoga Mat by Jade combines the best of both worlds: eco friendly materials with professional-grade performance design. At 5/16'''' thick (thicker than our deluxe 1/4''''), this mat will cushion and protect your joints, while providing a non-stick, durable, and stable open cell surface. Perfect for Bikram or hot yoga, Jade's Fushion Mat is eco conscious: containing no PVC, synthetic rubber or plastics, and is phthalate-free. Plus, through the charity Trees for the Future, Jade plants one tree for every yoga mat sold! Available in four bold color options.

For taller yogis, check out the Jade's Long Harmony™ Fusion Yoga Mat.

Learn how to clean and care for your Jade mat here.

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Jade Fushion Yoga Mat Video Review

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Outside Reviews:

Jade Harmony Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mat - Fusion Reviews! rates the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat highly saying ''''You won’t have to worry about slipping on this mat even if it gets wet from perspiration''''. They also stated that Jade Yoga Mats in general are ''...exceptionally resilient and provide incomparable cushioning - assuring you excellent performance and the most comfort with every pose of your routine.''''

8 raves about the Jade Fusion Yoga Matt saying that this mat is ''''great if you find some of the positions tough on your joints''''. The Jade mat is non-slip and this is one of the many attractive qualities this mat has. They also suggest ''''...if you are a heavy sweater, or your Yoga style is movement based, you definitely need a non-slip mat''''. This review sites that this isn't the cheapest mat our there but ''''...non compare in quality and durability''''.

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