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Jade Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Long

Jade Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Long

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This extra long Harmony™ Professional Yoga Mat is great for extra tall yogis at 74 inches long! This professional performance mat is made from 99% natural tree rubber: free from PVC, latex, synthetic rubber, plastics, and harmful materials. The Harmony eco mat is open cell which means it's great for sweaty practices and super grippy. Great for professionals, teachers, and hot yoga. Jade's commitment to the environment goes beyond just making eco-friendly products. Jade plants a tree for EVERY mat sold through the Trees for the Future charity.

Available in 9 fun and earthy colors! The Harmony Professional Mat is also available in standard size.

Learn how to clean and care for your Jade mat here.

Product Specs:
Material: Recycled & Natural Rubber, PVC-free
Dimensions: 74'' L x 24'' W x 3/16'' H

Video Reviews:

Jade Harmony Professional Long Yoga Mat Video

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Outside Reviews:

Jade Harmony Professional Long Yoga Mat Reviews Coming soon! says that the Jade Professional Yoga Mat is ''a perfect balance of traction and cushion''. A reviewer on their site says ''I LOVE this mat!!! After years of using a cheapo PVC mat, I was stunned at how this mat changed my practice''.

8 sites that the Jade Harmony Pressional Yoga Mats are ''...popular mats'' and offer a ''...perfect balance between traction and comfort'' with their non-slip open-cell technology and resilience.

8 says that ''these mats are one of our favorites for yoga practice because you are less likely to slip''.

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