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MaxSupport Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

MaxSupport Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

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Product Features

  • Weighs 9 lbs. (2 pounds heavier than our supportive round bolster)
  • 28" x 10"
  • 100% natural cotton
  • Removable cover
  • Handle on each end

A whopping 9+ pounds, our MaxSupport Deluxe Round Bolster is the heaviest bolster available! This extra dense bolster, available in five gorgeous colors, is the perfect support your yoga practice. Your yoga bolster should be firm enough to support you in challenging poses, yet, easy to maneuver on the mat. Made with 100% natural cotton, you will find that this MaxSupport Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster is firm enough to provide full support, yet quite soft and comfortable. While lying down, place a round bolster under your back and shoulders to help open up the chest. Use one in seated poses to prevent clenching of the abdominal during forward bends. The Deluxe Round Cotton Yoga Bolster is 28 x 10'', and has a zippered opening to adjust the amount of filling (or remove it to wash the cover).

Note: Please note that these bolsters are NOT filled with foam and because of the fluffy nature of cotton the actual measurements are slightly bigger. This bolster is higher than 10'' near the center. 10'' is the diameter from seam to seam. Cotton will settle over time.

Cotton is grown in Southern and Western India. Batting is the by-product after spinning where seeds and debris are removed. No chemicals are used.

Care Instructions:
Cover: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Line dry.
Core: Spot clean only with mild detergent.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great for opening the chest

My studio had these bolsters and I wanted one for home use. They gave me this site as the place they had ordered from, so I knew exactly what I was getting. The fabric is tough yet soft. The stuffing is perfect for what I use it for. I was doing restorative yoga and I found that laying on my back and using the bolster along my spine opens my chest. I sit at a desk all day and this really improves my posture. I would recommend this bolster to anyone doing restorative yoga.


I was looking for a bolster like the kind they used at my gym. I get headaches really bad and use the bolster to stretch out my shoulders and neck, it is definitely for max support and that is exactly what I was looking for! Great quality, fast delivery. Absolutely no issues!

Jian Ding
Great Bolsters

The quality is great.It is firm, but not as heavy as I thought. I love it!


Love these! I tried them at a yoga center and loved it so much I had to buy one! They were kind enough to direct me where they got theirs.


The quality of this bolster is great. It has helped me a lot in my practice with restorative poses. Just what I needed!