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Premium Weight Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

Premium Weight Yoga Mat by YOGA Accessories

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Performance yoga mats are heavy weight, non-slip, and extremely durable, making them ideal for hot yoga and frequent vinyasa practice. The Yoga Accessories Premium Weight Yoga Mat is our best-selling performance mat and a must-have for any hardcore or professional yogi. This extra thick, high stability mat is very dense, weighing 5 pounds. This is our most comfortable and highest performance, professional-grade non branded / generic yoga mat. The Premium Weight Mat is 100% latex-free, was engineered for maximum support and cushioning for joint protection, and has a slip free textured rigid top -- providing added traction for all of your balancing poses on top of the mat, or under the mat against the floor or carpet. Available in original black, dark blue, or green.

  • 72” x 24” x ¼”
  • Extra thick 1/4" (6.2mm) and extra long
  • Weighs more than 5 pounds! 
  • Extremely durable, high performance
  • Non-slip, latex-free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Mat is so greasy and slippery. Would slip right off of this if I tried to use it. I asked to return and was told to pay return shipping. Avoid.

Since the mat is stored in a rolled state it is always a good idea to wipe the mats from top to bottom prior to the first and during initial uses. We suggest wiping the mats down with either a mat cleaner, a disinfectant wipe (it will not hurt the mat) or simple soap (free from any bleach or dyes) and water. A recipe for a more thorough DIY cleaner is below:

DIY Cleaner:
3/4 cup Water
1/4 cup White Vinegar or Witch Hazel (alcohol free)
5-10 drops of essential oils (eucalyptus, orange)
3 drops of Tea Tree Oil
Combine in a spray bottle (preferably glass)

Once wiped down be sure to let the mat dry completely before rerolling.

Mona L Flynn
Great density

I use these mats in my home studio. My students love the density - I work with a lot of folks with osteoporosis, so protecting the spinous processes of the vertebral bodies is important. We only wish they came in more colors!

Angela W

I'm doing more Pilates, yoga, and PiYo in my personal practice, and I'm doing more instruction, too. This mat solves all my issues and is the thickest mat I've ever used. It is slippery right out the package, but I used grippy toe socks and cork blocks, which helped. Ill wipe it down tonight. The ''green'' actually teal color, which is what Id wanted, so Im happy I got two. I am so thrilled with this purchase and will recommend to members happily. Can I get it in XL-wide and XL-long, too?

Good comfort and thickness

I've noticed a big difference with this mat compared to the cheaper brands I used to own. Thickness and comfort is awesome but the only downside is that it does have greasy layer that causes me to slip alittle bit. I will try to clean with Dawn soap and see what happens. The weight of it is quite heavier than most but as long as it's comfortable enough to support my knees I don't mind carrying the extra weight.

Kris Wyatt
Yoga mats

Nice, heavy mat. No odor. No slip. AND...they arrived EARLY! I ordered enough to supply a new studio and was very pleased to beat my deadline. Very pleased!