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Small Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Small Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

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For smaller yogis or yogis looking for a little boost, Yoga Accessories has created the Small Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster. Our yoga bolsters are machine washable. The removable cover is made from cotton and bolsters are filled with a synthetic blend of cut yarn and polyester. The cut yarn is put through a mechanical process where its turned into a synthetic fiber for filling cushions.

The small bolster is stuffed tight with cotton and may arrive slightly larger than advertised measurements because the cotton will settle over time. You can add, remove, or replace the batting through a zippered closure on the side of the bolster. This bolster is oblong and rectangular, with a handle on each end.

Great for lifting the knees in savasana or poised along the spine for heart openers and shoulder work. Please see our MaxSupport Deluxe Rectangular Yoga Bolster if you prefer a larger size in the same shape.

Care Instructions:
Cover: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Line dry.
Core: Spot clean only with mild detergent.

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Customer Reviews

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Smaller than Expected

This bolster is well made and of good quality. The only problem is that this bolster is much smaller that the standard bolsters that you typically find in yoga studios. This bolster is useful for knee support and lower back support but it is too narrow and too short to fully support the spine in most supportive yoga poses. This is more a supplemental restorative pillow rather than a primary restorative bolster.


This bolster was exactly what I was looking for. It is just like the ones I use at my studio! Good size, and firm. Love it!

Lovely quality

A really nice bolster, perfect size and superior quality

Ken M Hainline

LOVE this bolster size! I'm calling this the PERFECT size. Backbends, supported pigeon pose... it's all good with this little guy. I have the next size up on hand... but this is becoming my go-to bolster for a supported practice.

Cordelia Cafferty

Many thank you's to Ellis George (today 2 Aug 2019) tele call Ellis is extremely well spoken, patient and knowledgeable on YA items. Ellis helped me to complete not only a return (I had mis-ordered) but also guided me thru ordering exact item I needed Again- thanks Ellis