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Zen Cotton Meditation Pillow

Zen Cotton Meditation Pillow

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Our Zen Cotton Meditation Pillow is similar to a traditional round zafu pillow, but this one is rectangular! This custom shape makes the Zen pillow a very versatile yoga prop. Enjoy it for seated meditation, or use it for seated and reclining poses. This pillow is roomy enough for sitting, (15'' long, 11'' wide, and 5'' tall) but small enough for easy transport with its sturdy handle. Adjust the amount of stuffing in your Zen pillow to change the height and firmness. You?ll find a hidden zippered opening under the handle. The 100% all natural cotton filling is densely packed to provide a solid cushion The smooth outer cover is made of a durable 100% twill cotton and is available in a variety of nature-inspired colors.

Care Instructions:
Cover: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Line dry.
Core: Spot clean only with mild detergent.

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Customer Reviews

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Gayle Price
Meditation cushion

I like the shape. Right firmness. Works fine.


Well made, sturdy. Hold up well. I have two of them now.

good shape

I've had a couple of the yoga bolsters which were nearly perfect for meditation, yet pretty huge. This is a lot closer to what I really want, which is 10'' (instead of 11'') and another inch or so taller. Definitely best one out there as is though.

Does the trick

After a search and return mission, I settled on and into this meditation pillow. The dimensions are great, but I think 1 or maybe 2 inches thinner would be ideal. It's heavy, but all the pillows are. I'm 200 pounds and it does the trick. BTW... dealing with Yoga Accessories with returns and sales was excellent. They answered promptly, and a decision maker took care of my issues without any BS or transfer to someone else. I'm very pleased in all phases of my transaction.